Tina Panos


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Christina “Tina” Panos is a fellow club member, tennis enthusiast and certified yoga instructor. Movement, nature, and connection are foundational to Christina Panos’ life and yoga practice. As a life-long athlete, Christina views yoga as a cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle and key to supporting other sports and activities she enjoys. She credits yoga with helping her improve posture, flexibility, endurance, and breathing—all of which aid endurance and recovery when playing sports she loves, including tennis.

For tennis players of every age, yoga helps improve balance, strength, speed, and range of motion as well as prevent injuries on the tennis court. Off the court, yoga supports the nervous, digestive, circulatory, and skeletal systems by teaching us to listen to our bodies.

Christina has been practicing yoga since 1997. Several years ago she decided that she wanted to deepen her yoga practice and share yoga with others, so she became a certified yoga instructor. Christina received her Teaching Certificate at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. She continues her education there each year and always learns something new to share with her students.

Christina believes taking care of your body as well as taking time to de-stress and relax is important to leading a happy and healthy life. She teaches a Hatha style vinyasa flow for those new to yoga as well as more experienced students. She focuses on proper form, alignment, and deep breathing while flowing through yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the entire body.
When she is not in the yoga studio or on the tennis court, Christina enjoys living in La Canada with her husband, Pete, and her two dogs, Pilou and Charlie Brown. She loves animals, spending time in nature, and staying active playing tennis, hiking, and biking. She enjoys surrounding herself with positive people and enjoys the many great friends that she has met here in La Canada.