Yoga – Private & Group

Offering Yoga Classes as of April 18, 2017!

Our yoga classes will be specifically tailored for tennis players.

Why Yoga?
Yoga focuses on re-balancing the body, creating symmetry and alignment. Besides benefiting the 10 systems of the body – this ancient discipline can improve your flexibility, strength, and balance – but it also helps you develop greater mind control and focus. These benefits result in a greater range of motion, increased strength, and reduced risk of injury.

Power up your tennis game.
Physical Benefits: Increased flexibility, improved balance, stronger core muscles, increased leg strength, more stamina, injury prevention, improved full-body coordination, symmetry/balance on both sides of the body, among others.

Mental Edge: Yoga will improve your physical skills, but it also helps to train your brain! Deep breathing exercises (called “pranayama: in Sanksirt) increases your breathing capacity while calming your mind. Pranayama improves circulation and cardiovascular strength, but it also develops greater focus and concentration. Practicing yoga will train your mind to relax during a match, which will help you play “in the zone” with all of your awareness on the game.

Group Classes: $24/Members – $29/Non-Members (60-75 minutes) (3 minimum per group class)
Tuesdays @ 11 am
Tuesdays @ 4 pm
Wednesdays @ 11:30 am
Thursdays @ 4pm

Private Classes: To be booked based on your/instructor’s availablity
$85/Members – $100/Non-Members (60-75 minutes)
*30 minute classes, as well as semi-private/closed group class rates are also available.